Emmaus Online Video Prayers & Meditations Series for Children

Emmaus Productions is delighted to launch this wonderful resource of online video prayers and meditations for children.

"Hello My God" – Children's Conversations With God
"Reflection & Prayer …From God's Word" – Image & scripture text reflections for Liturgical seasons & major feasts
"I Am With You Always" – Scripture prayer card reflections
"Scripture Alive" – Breaking open scripture with story, puppetry, clown, mime & music
"Sing It! Dance It!" – Children's prayer
"Songs For All Seasons" – Music, song & Iiagery for the seasons of life & Liturgical year.

View a sample of the video series below.

These children's series are ideal for:

  • Classroom morning prayer
  • Meditation and reflection
  • RE Support Resources
  • Time out for individual children
  • School Assembly Prayer
  • Post-Communion Reflections in school masses
  • Special reflections for children's Liturgy of the Word

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"Hello My God"

Children's Conversations With God — Infants & Juniors

This series of six videos is essentially about children’s prayer. Teaching children to pray is vital to their spiritual development, especially in helping them to nurture a warm, familiar and loving relationship with God. It is difficult to relate to someone to whom we never speak! Children need to know that there is no right or wrong way to pray, that God listens to them always and receives them as they are, unconditionally.

Each video runs for 7-8 minutes. Episodes include:

  • God, I Know Where To Find You…
  • God, You Do Beautiful Things…
  • God, I Wonder…
  • God, Sometimes I Feel Sad…
  • God, I Feel Happy When…
  • God, This Is What I Know About Jesus…

"...From God's Word"

Reflection & Prayer ...From God's Word — Middle & Primary

This video series offers image reflections on key words from the Gospels for the liturgical seasons and major feasts. The images and texts are accompanied by reflective music. Following this, the viewers are invited to relate the text and images to their own life experience through questions for personal reflection or group sharing. The video experience concludes with a prayer and the opportunity to sing a relevant song.

Each video runs for 3-5 minutes. Episodes include:

  • God's Way…
  • Trust In God…
  • Prepare A Way For God…
  • God's Love Will Renew You
  • Nothing Is Impossible…
  • Let Justice Spring Forth…

"I Am With You Always"

Scripture Prayer Cards for Children — Middle & Primary

This series of videos is a visual and audio presentation of the “I Am With You Always” Scripture Prayer Cards for children.

Each video begins with a child reading a very brief scripture quotation and is followed by a short reflection led by an adult facilitator and supported with photographic images. This is then followed by a short guided meditation with periods of silence and music. The video concludes with a child reading a simple affirmation related to the theme of the video.

Each video runs from 6-10 minutes. Episodes include:

  • Precious To God
  • In God's Hands
  • Respect For All
  • God's Endless Love
  • Finding God In Stillness
  • Forgive Each Other

"Scripture Alive"

Breaking Open Scripture with Story, Puppetry, Clown, Mime & Music

This video series breaks open the Word of God for children through the integration of creative process such as mime, drama, story-telling, puppetry, clowning, music, dance and movement. Each episode breaks open a specific scripture story or parable or text, all presented by children.

These videos are ideal as support material for RE Programs and faith formation or for classroom prayer or school assembly prayer. They can also be used in some cases for children’s Liturgy of the Word or for a Post-Communion Reflection in Mass.

Each video runs from 5-15 minutes, depending on the scripture text. Episodes include:

  • The Parable Of The Sower
  • Trust In Providence
  • Isaiah 43 – You Are Precious In My Eyes
  • The Leper
  • The Parable Of The Talents
  • Who Is The Greatest?

"Sing It! Dance It!"

Children's Prayers

This series of videos offers an engaging and meaningful prayer experience for children. Each video has a specific scripture theme which is broken open in quiet reflection and prayer and then sung and danced in songs that relate to the theme.

They ideal for classroom prayer and support resources for Religious Education and any form of spiritual formation with children, such as Liturgy of the Word or Sacramental preparation. They are also ideal for family prayer with children.

The videos run for 5-8 minutes on average. Episodes include:

  • Wonder & Mystery – My God Lets it Be
  • The Gift Of Life – Listen Imagine
  • God Delights In You
  • Respect – You & I We Grow
  • The Greatest Gift – Just Little Ole Me

"Songs For All Seasons"

Music, Song & Imagery for the Seasons of Life & Liturgical Year

New episodes will be uploaded regularly with the intention of developing a library of hundreds of online videos in this series. Initially we begin this series with the music of Monica Brown but will expand the repertoire of artists and composers both locally and internationally next year.

Each video runs for 3-5 minutes. Episodes include:

  • The Season of Lent & Mercy
  • The Season of Comfort & Mercy
  • The Season of Blessings
  • The Season Of Advent
  • The Season Of Christmas

Access to the Video Library

If you are not a member of www.liturgyritualprayer.com, to access the videos you need to take out an annual subscription for the Emmaus Online Video Library. For subscription details please click here.