Information and Sample of Video Series 

Emmaus Productions is delighted to offer this sample of video resources for adult prayer and  meditation

“Be Still and Know – Mindful Moments” – Thematic Image Reflections

"Pondering The Mystery Of Creation" - Reflections with Denis Edwards 

"Thought For The Day" – Poetic Reflections by Noel Davis

"Scripture Prayer" – Image and Text Reflections From The Gospels For The Liturgical Seasons and Major Feasts

"Landscapes Of The Soul" – Reflections by Margaret Silf

"I Am With You Always" – Scripture Prayer Reflections and Meditations

"Living Word" – Breaking Open Scripture With SymbolImagery, Ritual and Music

"Holy Mystery" – Inspirational Text and Image Reflections On The Universe Story and Ecological Spirituality

"Songs For All Seasons"  – Music, Song & Imagery for the seasons of life & liturgical year 

These online videos are ideal for:

  • Personal Prayer and Meditation
  • Community Prayer and Meditation
  • Staff Prayer and Meditation
  • Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy
  • Spiritual Direction and accompaniment

View a sample of the video series below...

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Be Still and Know                                              – Mindful Moments 

This video series for adults invites the viewer(s) into a brief period of reflection.  The series introduction is designed to bring viewers into stillness. 

Following the series introduction, each episode begins with a simple thematic quotation, which gives focus to the images and music. A relevant Scripture passage reaffirming the theme is then presented.  The viewer(s) is the then invited to pause and be mindful of what is happening in them.  The video experience concludes with a simple blessing. Each episode runs for approximately 5 – 7 minutes.

Episodes Themes:

  • Affirmation
  • Awakening
  • Beauty
  • Belonging
  • Gratitude
  • Hope
  • Letting Go
  • Peace
  • Stillness & Silence
  • Strength

Silence & Stillness



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Pondering The Mystery Of Creation

Reflections With Denis Edwards

This video series reflects on the profound insights and wisdom of ecology and faith from the writings of Denis Edwards.

Each of the 10 episodes provide a reflective context of images and music to ponder the mystery of God’s creative action in the Universe.  The video experience concludes with relevant questions for personal reflection and/or group sharing, by way of depthing the theme and focus of each episode.

This video series is dedicated to the memory of Denis Edwards and is a tribute to his inspirational faith-filled life.



  • The Energy of Love
  • Born of the Universe
  • Jesus, Like Us!
  • Ecological Mystics
  • God Enfleshed
  • Loved Into Being
  • God’s Creative Action
  • God With Us In All Biological Life
  • The Diversity of Life Is Sacramental
  • Christ At The Heart of It All

The Energy Of Love



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God With Us In All Biological Life

Thought For The Day 

Reflections by Noel Davis 

Each of the 5 minute episodes in this video series is centred on the poetry of the much loved Australian poet, Noel Davis.  The poem is presented by Noel and then opened up with images and music for further reflection.
This Thought For The Day Series is, “A little soul time, a few moments of quiet reflection to gather ourselves as we move with confidence into the gift of the day and bring our joy and magnanimity to its unfolding”. (Noel Davis)  

There are 10 episodes of this beautiful series online now and new episodes will be added regularly.

Episode List 

  • A Graceful Seduction
  • Keep Reminding Me
  • Just Come
  • Growing Into Fullness
  • One the Wings of One-der
  • Reclaim Your Sacred Site
  • A Pause
  • Love & Miracles
  • The Resurrection of the Living
  • Humility

A Graceful Seduction 




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Love and Miracles 

Scripture Prayer

Image & Text Reflections  

This video series offers image reflections on key words from the Gospels for the liturgical seasons and major feasts. The images and texts are accompanied by reflective music. Following this, the viewers are invited to relate the text and images to their own life experience through questions for personal reflection or group sharing. The video experience concludes with a prayer and the opportunity to sing a relevant song.

Each video runs for approximately 3-5 minutes.

Episodes Include:

  • Mindful And Ready
  • Bearing Fruit
  • Life To The Full
  • Wilderness
  • Emmanuel
  • Advent
  • Christmas 
  • Lent
  • Easter
  • Pentecost

Lent - Bearing Fruit 



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Advent - Mindful & Ready

Holy Mystery

Reflections On The Universe Story and Ecological Spirituality

This online series of text and image reflections is inspired by Pope Francis’ call to contemplate creation, that we might discover God’s wishes and understand God’s manifestation as we gaze at the mystery of creation and learn to see ourselves in relation to all creatures (Laudato Si' 85).

These short 5 – 7 minute videos are aimed at awakening a deeper sense of wonder and awe at the mystery, creativity and sacredness of creation. They are an ideal resource for personal and/or group reflection on:

  • the mystery of the Universe Story and Ecological Spirituality.
  • our interrelatedness to this mystery and how it speaks to our daily reality.
  • our God given responsibility as co-creators and caretakers of this earth and all within it.

Each video consists of a brief inspirational quotation drawn from scripture and prophetic writers on the Universe Story and Ecological Spirituality, with relevant images and music.

Some of the writers whose works are used in this series are:                                  

  • Pope Francis
  • John O’Donoghue
  • Judy Cannato
  • Hildegard of Bingen
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker
  • Brian Swimme
  • Thomas Berry
  • Mary Southard, CSJ
  • Niamh Brennan

In this series, quite often the images are repeated two or three times, with various selections from the text. The purpose of this is to draw the viewer into a mantra type reflection rather than dispersing the focus with several different images. The hope is that the viewer will ponder the image as they do the text and come to a deeper more reflective appreciation than a fleeting glance can offer.

Following the text and image reflection, there are questions for further personal and/or group reflection, and a final prayer to conclude the video experience. These questions and final prayer are added as a supplement to the text and image reflection and may or may not be used depending on the viewer(s) time and/or the interest.

Episodes include: 

  • A Great Heart (John O’Donohue)
  • Be Amazed (Mary Southard csj)
  • Invisible Mystery (Celtic Wisdom)
  • Understanding Beauty (Pope Francis)
  • What We Need To Know (Niamh Brennan)

A Great Heart - John O'Donoghue                




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Understanding Beauty - Pope Francis

I Am With You Always

Scripture Prayer Card Reflections

The format of each video consists of a brief scripture quotation and is followed by a short reflection supported with photographic images.  This is then followed by a guided meditation with periods of silence and music. 

The videos are intended for prayer and meditation and it is recommended that they be viewed in a reflective prayerful atmosphere. Before viewing a video it may be helpful to light a candle and take a moment or two to settle oneself.
Each video runs from 7-10 minutes.

Episodes include:

  • The Gift Of Peace
  • Seasons Of Life
  • Life To The Full
  • In God’s Hands
  • A Life Of Love
  • Finding God In Stillness

Finding God In Stillness 




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Life To The Full

Landscapes Of The Soul

Reflections By Margaret Silf

This video series, by Margaret Silf, offers image and text reflections and prayer on life’s journey, which are inspired by the natural landscapes that we encounter in our lives.

There are 10 episodes in this series. Each episode runs for approximately 10 – 12 minutes and includes an introduction by Margaret to the theme of the specific episode, followed by guided voice over reflections from Margaret, which are supported with images. Following this, there is a brief period for personal reflection and prayer. This concludes with a prayer led by Margaret.

Episode list:

  • The Garden Of Your Soul - (Isaiah 58:1)  
  • Through Your Day - (Matthew 11:28)
  • At Home With God - (John 15:4)
  • River Of Life - (Ezekiel 47: 9)
  • Mountain Top - (Psalm 121:1)
  • Desert Places - (Hosea 13:5)
  • Waterfalls - (Psalm 42:7)
  • Crossing Thresholds - (Deuteronomy 31.8)
  • All At Sea - (Luke 5:4)
  • Winds Of Change - (John 3:8)

On The Mountain Top



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This series has been generously sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney, with contributions also from the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta and the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane.

Desert Places

Living Word                                                                                                

Breaking Open Scripture With Symbol, Imagery, Ritual & Music

In this Living Word video series for adults, the Word of God is broken open through the use of symbols, imagery, ritual, music and reflection.  

The format of each video consists of the following:
Part A:  Proclamation and breaking open of the Word
Part B:  Pondering the Word
Part C:  Reflection and prayer that concludes with a hymn, mantra or song relevant to the particular scripture text.

This particular video series of Living Word, presumes a minimum of faith and a readiness for reflection and prayer, as well as an appreciation of Scripture. This is important to note if using these videos with individuals or groups. In such cases, we encourage the facilitator to view the video beforehand to assess its suitability for the group or for the individual(s).

The videos are intended for prayer and reflection and it is recommended that they be viewed in a reflective prayerful atmosphere.

Each video runs on average between 8 -12 minutes.

Episodes include:                                               

  • The Crushed Reed
  • Honoured, Precious & Loved (Is 43)
  • The Exile
  • The Potter and The Clay
  • The Leper


Honoured Precious & Loved



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The Leper

Songs For All Seasons

This series of music videos features the music of Monica Brown, as well as a growing number of other composers, with regular uploads that will expand the repertoire of artists and composers both locally and internationally. 

Music videos are available for all the major liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost and various feasts and events.

Each video runs from 3 - 5 minutes. 

Episodes include:

  • Comfort My People
  • Bring Us Home
  • Tear The Heavens Asunder
  • Nothing Is Impossible
  • Jesus, Face of God (James Maher)

Comfort My People



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Jesus Face Of God

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