Video Reflections By Margaret Silf 

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A Heart's Journey - A Sacred Journey      

A 6 day retreat facilitated by Monica Brown                                         & Hilary Musgrave


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Holy Mystery - New Online Video Series

We are delighted to announce the launch of another new online video series for adults, the Holy Mystery Series. This series of text and image reflections is inspired by Pope Francis’ call to contemplate creation, that we might discover God’s wishes and understand God’s manifestation as we gaze at the mystery of creation and learn to see ourselves in relation to all creatures. (Laudato Si 85)

These short 5 – 7 minute videos are aimed at awakening a deeper sense of wonder and awe at the mystery, creativity and sacredness of creation. They are an ideal resource for personal and/or group reflection on:

  • the mystery of the Universe Story and Ecological Spirituality
  • our interrelatedness to this mystery and how it speaks to our daily reality
  • our God given responsibility as co-creators and caretakers of this earth and all within it

Each video consists of a brief inspirational quotation from scripture and prophetic writers on the Universe Story and Ecological Spirituality, with relevant images and music. At the end of the text and image reflection there are questions for further reflection and a final prayer to conclude the video reflection.

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The Emmaus Online Prayer & Meditation Video Library

The Emmaus Online Video Prayer and Meditation Library is truly an answer to prayer!   This unique and wonderful resource is developing and expanding with a diverse collection of over 130  inspirational videos for children and adults.  Our youth series are currently being developed.

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