What This Site Offers Its Members


Resources for Eucharistic Liturgies and Liturgy of The Word are presented for download as PDF files and are offered in a variety of formats as outlined below.  They are available in the Document section of this website under New Resources and Archive Resources.

a) Complete Liturgies:

These will be either a complete Eucharistic Liturgy or a Liturgy of the Word, depending on the feast or event. We encourage users to adapt and edit the liturgies to suit the particular circumstances, needs and readiness of their own community and their worship space or use them as inspiration for their own preparation.

Each liturgy includes detailed instructions and notes on the celebration of the specific liturgy - all the "nuts and bolts" on every aspect of the liturgy and its "logistics", including prayers, rituals, readings and music.

b) Liturgy and Prayer Preparation Resources

In some case, given the nature of the feast or event, we provide ideas and suggestions for various aspects of the liturgy rather than complete resources.

School Assembly Prayer Rituals

For certain feasts and community events, we provide complete prayer ritual resources for school assemblies.

Community / Staff Prayer Rituals

We provide prayers and rituals for school staff or ministry teams and faith communities. These resources are scripture based, offering a variety of relevant themes, as well as integrating the liturgical themes for major feasts and events. They are suitable for weekly morning prayer or staff meetings. They come complete with all readings, prayers, instructions and music.  They can be lengthened, shortened or adapted as required.

Hospital Chaplaincy & Funeral Resources

We are developing prayer and ritual resources to support hospital chaplains and those working with the sick and dying.

Meditations and Reflections

There are regular uploads of inspirational readings and reflections as well as meditations, many of which integrate the scripture of the various liturgical seasons and the seasons of life.

Family Rituals

We are gradually building up our resource of family rituals that can be included in school, parish and community bulletins and newsletters for special events, liturgical seasons and feast days.

Helpful Hints in Liturgy Preparation

We offer in this section relevant articles and helpful hints to support people in their preparation of liturgy as well as their liturgical formation.

Little Gems in Music, Arts & Environment In Liturgy

In this section we offer insights and helpful notes on music, the Arts and the overall environment in liturgy.  We also provide regular reviews on new and current liturgical music and offer practical suggestions about its use in liturgy and ritual. 

Prayers For All Occasions

These prayers are suitable for meetings, community and staff prayer, and Pastoral Care situations.

On Line Video Prayer and Meditation Library

We are delighted to make available to our members the Emmaus Online Video Prayer and Meditation Library.  This unique and wonderful resource is developing and expanding with a diverse collection of inspirational videos for children and adults available now.  

Directory of Christian Artists

This directory provides information and samples of local and International artists whose work may be of interest to our members.  Members are free to contact the artists directly if they wish to discuss the use of specific works or commissioned works.

Notice Board

An exciting space where new resources are featured and announcements are posted.


This page will inform you of new resources for up-coming Feasts and Special Events as well as resources already available. 

Consultation and Feedback

This is a chance for you to ask your questions, seek specific support and consultation and to give us your suggestions and feedback.


An annual membership subscription, which includes unlimited users per each individual organisation/parish/school/community, entitles members to access and download, as they require, liturgy and prayer ritual documents, articles, reflections and meditations. It also gives them unlimited access to the Emmaus Online Video Prayer and Meditation Library

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