About This Site

LiturgyRituaPrayer.com seeks to honour and uphold our Catholic tradition of ritual, symbol and sacramentality.

We recognise that for so many involved in ministry today, there are increasing pressures and demands that limit their time and energy in preparing liturgies, prayer and ritual. At the same time, many are searching for resources to inspire creativity and are seeking practical help in the preparation and celebration of good liturgy.  In response to this need, LiturgyRitualPrayer.com offers a vast collection of new and archived resources for each liturgical season and all major feasts and communal events.  It is our hope that LiturgyRitualPrayer.com will:

  • support those who are responsible for preparing liturgies
  • provide liturgies, rituals and prayers that nourish the spiritual hunger in people's lives, providing them with an experience of the Sacred and giving them meaningful, life-giving liturgical experiences
  • reclaim and renew some of the richness of our Church's liturgical tradition in all its Seasons and glory!
  • provide formative resources and practical support that will inform, educate and promote ongoing liturgical formation which is essential for good liturgy. 

We acknowledge the very real limitations of this kind of approach to liturgy preparation, particularly that technology is in no way a worthy substitute for personal contact and relationship, and that the best liturgy and prayer preparation is that which arises out of the life of the community. It is our hope, nevertheless, that LiturgyRitualPrayer.com will continue to grow and develop as an effective resource that will contribute, in a practical way, to a more creative imagining and realisation of what is possible in our human quest and longing for the Sacred.

Paul Skippen
Editor, LiturgyRitualPrayer.com
Director, GPBS (Gather Proclaim Break Send)