Brian Larsson

Brian started in sculpture about 35 years ago working on a small scale in wood and graduated to stone over the next several years. He is self taught and has no formal qualifications in art. In the mid seventies he took up ceramics under a Brisbane sculptor, Frank Lambert who led him into the Society of Sculptors Queensland where he had further experience with a range of the more well known personalities such as Rhyll Hinwood, the Lambert brothers, Maurie Maunsell and Len & Kath Shillam. While in this group they decided to start up their own bronze casting workshops to learn the process which came about in his garage at home over a twelve month period.

After moving back to Victoria in the latter part of the seventies due to a job transfer, Larsson did very little in sculpture but upon return to Queensland in 1981, the artist set up his own foundry under his house to recommence bronze casting culminating in the the Mercy commission and other pieces he exhibited and sold over the next twenty odd years. Most of the work was secular rather than religious. When they moved to Eungella he again set up the workshop and foundry to cast his own work (only about 5% of sculptors worldwide do this as most rely on commercial foundries). This was really the beginning of his more full time sculpture activity as he was now retired and able to devote a lot more time to the work. He branched out into other materials as well as those he has pursued over many years so that now the range includes bronze, stone, wood (especially red cedar), ceramic and some of the polymer- bonded plasters. He has also undertaken a number of religious statue restorations in the Pioneer Valley over the last four or five years.

Brian is essentially a figurative sculptor although that can extend to the semi-abstract as in the piece above. His interest is in expression of 3 dimensional forms that combine the beauty of created figures with the textures of natural materials and how these can be seen by people as new combinations of aesthetic idea

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