Tony Kiely

Tony says, "My art career began in Commercial Art. This work was brought to studios, the press and multi-national Companies over many years. I then moved to freelance work doing design, commercial and architectural illustrations. I also taught art in Secondary School and TAFE Colleges in three Australian States. I have created from murals to cameos.
I now have the leisure of using my art in devotional illustration and design image. In other words, my long, meditative walks bring me close to God.... and art results."

Timothy P Schumalz

Timothy, from Elmira, Ontario, first discovered his passion for sculpture at the age of 16. He received his first commission from the Church at the age of 19. Since then he has gone on to complete over 100 original commissions and several thousand casts of his stunning masterpieces.

“Sculpture to me is the highest form of communication, and an instrument for one’s spirituality. The purpose of my sculpture is to make people more aware of God around them" (Timothy P. Schmalz, 1999)

For more information, visit Timothy’s website

Susan Daily IBVM

Susan Daily, a Loreto Sister, has worked in Religious Art for over thirty years. She has qualifications in Fashion Design and Art, Teaching, Educational Technology, Religious Education & Liturgy.
In 1993 Susan studied at the National Centre for Liturgy Ireland. She received a Cum Laude for her major thesis - a study of the development of church space through the ages, based on the documents of the Second Vatican Council.
Susan's mission is to work towards developing genuine Australian Religious Art as well as expressing scriptural themes using Christian symbols with Australian themes and seasons.

Her latest publications, including "101 Ways to Use Religious Clip Art", are available from John Garratt Publishing at
Or contact Susan on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richard P Campbell

Richard is a Gumbaingirr/Dhungutti man from Bowraville, New South Wales. He is an accomplished Artist who has been painting for over 30 years. He is mostly self taught, though he recently graduated with a degree in visual arts from Geelong.
Richard works with both contemporary and traditional media and symbols and it is his hope that through his artwork he can open the eyes of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to our common connection, "We all have a spiritual connection, we're all brothers and sisters with the animals, the trees, rivers and rocks, we all belong to one big God, call it Christ, we call it Birruggan, we are all one in God".
Richard's current body of works "The First Time I Touched My Spirit" is travelling Australia and then overseas to introduce Australia's unique spiritual message to the rest of the world. In the lead-up to World Youth Day in Sydney 2008, the message is more important now than ever before.

For further information about Richard and his artwork please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.