Our mission is to support you and your community with meaningful liturgies, prayer rituals and audio visual resources for your communal worship, prayer and spiritual enrichment.


A Retreat With                                Monica Brown  

A Heart's Journey - A Sacred Journey

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Mother's Day Resource Coming Soon!      

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Celtic Pilgrimage 2018 - Ireland   

LA Congress Pilgrimage 2018

Share the experince of this unique 10 day pilgrimage in Ireland, facilitated by Monica Brown & Hilary Musgrave, which will take you to ancient ruins and old burial sites, high crosses, holy wells, medieval cities and sacred places. Walk in the footsteps of the Celtic mystics and saints and allow their spirit of courage and trust enrich and nourish your journey. Click here for further information and bookings 

The Emmaus Online Prayer & Meditation Video Library

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The Emmaus Online Video Prayer and Meditation Library is truly an answer to prayer!   This unique and wonderful resource is developing and expanding with a diverse collection of over 130  inspirational videos for children and adults.  Our youth series is currently being developed.



provides relevant and enriching resources for liturgy, ritual, prayer and meditation for children, youth and adults, drawing them into meaningful experiences of the Sacred, as well as offering support and guidance to our members in their appreciation and preparation of good liturgy. In preparing the resources of liturgyritualprayer.com we strive to honour and uphold our Catholic tradition of ritual, symbol and sacramentality.


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We recognise that for so many involved in ministry today, there are increasing pressures and demands that limit their time and energy for preparing liturgies, prayer and ritual. At the same time, many are searching for resources to inspire creativity and are seeking practical help in the preparation and celebration of good liturgy.

In response to this need, liturgyritualprayer.com offers a vast collection of new and archived resources for each liturgical season and all major feasts and communal events.



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We are delighted to make available to our members the Emmaus Online Video Prayer and Meditation Library.

This unique and wonderful resource is developing and expanding with a diverse collection of inspirational videos for children and adults available now.

Special series for youth will be available later in the year.



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Liturgyritualprayer.com provides its members with a vast collection of images and visual aids to support them in their liturgy, ritual, prayer and spiritual enrichment.

Our ever-expanding Photographic Library offers a large collection of Australian and International photography to members as well as website links to fee-paying photographic libraries. 


Member Benefits

Comp 80511073Your membership to liturgyritualprayer.com will support you in your preparation of liturgy and prayer, as well as provide you with formative resources to enhance and enrich your appreciation and understanding of good liturgy. It will provide you, and unlimited multiple users in your community, with yearly access to over 1,000 new and current resources for ALL Major Feasts, Liturgical Seasons and Events.

It will give you, with the click of a mouse, an abundant resource of:

  • Liturgies & Prayer Rituals
  • Online Video Prayers & Meditations
  • Articles, Reflections & Music Reviews
  • Photographic Library
  • Religious Clip Art
  • A supportive team to assist you with specific celebrations and liturgical needs.